Necessary things for Internet

Here You can find an information, which helps You to save Your time and money. You also can ask Our specialists questions, which You are interested in (e-mail:

It is necessary hardware and software for using the Internet and e-mail:

  1. The PC with Windows 3.x/9x,NT/2000.
  2. The modem, which connected with phone line.
  3. Installed software (Dial-Up adapter, Internet browser and E-mail client).

If You already have the PC and the modem, than You can choose an account type at Services and contact Us for registration.

The modem installation and setup

Well, if Your PC already equiped with the modem - than You have only setup it, in the other case - You have to install it. More information about modem installation You can find at Users Guide for the modem (dont forget to shut down Your PC and the modem during the cables connecting).

PPP parameters for "Monolit"

You need these parameters for setting up Your communication software properly:

Login nameindicated at User Card
Passwordindicated at User Card
E-mail adressLogin
Access phones
Primary DNS (Name server)
POP3 server (Incoming mail)
SMTP server (Outgoing mail)
NNTP server (News)
HTTP server (WWW)
FTP server (FTP)
port: 8080

The software setup

After You install and setup the equipment, it is necessary to setup Your software in accordance with PPP parameters.

From the very begining, You have to install and setup the Dial-Up communication software (CD-ROM with operational system required):

After that You have to install and setup the Internet browser and e-mail client. You will found the guides for the most popular software from Microsoft and Netscape here:

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Internet Mail and Outlook Express: Netscape Navigator, Composer and Messenger:

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