ISP - "Monolit - Internet".
CUSTOMER - somebody, who purchases services of "Monolit - Internet" and accepts these rules.

I. General
  1. ISP ensures to the CUSTOMER self-supporting Internet access via ISP's network centre, according to the current prices.
  2. ISP provides services to the registered CUSTOMERS. The signed contract or purchased account card are results of the registration procedure. Also CUSTOMER gets his own:
    • network ID (login name and e-mail address);
    • account number;
    • password (CUSTOMER has to provide confidentiality of the password).
    The CUSTOMER has an option to change his network ID (login name and e-mail address) only by new registration procedure.
  3. The CUSTOMER trusts ISP to count the consumed services, and makes payments in accordance with these rules.
  4. The CUSTOMER can get support in business days from 10:00 am till 7:00 pm (local time).
II. Payment
  1. The payment for the services of the ISP is pay in advance by the CUSTOMER in Ukrainian national currency, according to currency exchange rate of National Bank of Ukraine at the day, when invoice was sent plus VAT. Information about current CUSTOMER account status is being sent every month to the CUSTOMER via e-mail, and contains data about volume of rendered services in money equivalent and natural denomination.
  2. In case of prepayment depletion, granting of services can be renewed only after the payment for the next period.
  3. The CUSTOMER has a right to 'freeze' the contract with the ISP for any term with written order to the ISP. In this case fixed monthly fee for the term of 'frozen' period is not collected by the ISP.
  4. In case of introducing the new prices or changes in them, the ISP is indebted to inform the CUSTOMER about it not later, then for 10 days before the measure via e-mail.
  5. In case of increasing the prices for the services by the ISP, the amount of money at the CUSTOMER'S account will give a right for him to pay for the services in accordance with prices effective at prepayment day, untill all amount of prepay would be exhausted. Lower prices are in effect immediately.
III. Liability and warranty
  1. The CUSTOMER has no right to resell the services or transfer the rights on the current contract to the third party without written permission of the ISP.
  2. The CUSTOMER must change His password from the very first time he entered in the system of the ISP. In case of entrance of the third party in the system with the login and password of the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER must pay for rendered services according to the current contract. The ISP takes no responsibility for such kind of actions.
  3. The ISP in accordance with current rules has no responsibility for the quality of granted services in case if the reason is bad quality of telephone lines, which are not the property of the ISP. In this case the CUSTOMER can bear a claim to the owners of communications.
IV. Other conditions
  1. The CONTRACT may be canceled in writing within 10 (ten) days after notice by any party.
  2. Contract is canceled from the moment of complete depletion of CUSTOMER'S advance in "Monolit - Internet" accounting system.
  3. Unused part of prepay is not returned to the CUSTOMER.

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